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Do you have knowledge of your legal rights?

PPI MUST be shown to be mis-sold

Simply having paid PPI doesn’t entitle you to a refund

Can you trust the creditor that mis-sold PPI to you?

JPS Financial have a wonderful success rate of obtaining refunds

Why should I choose JPS Financial to claim my PPI?

Unfortunately, the banks are not being as honest as they should be. As you may be aware, there have been several news articles about the tactics banks are using to avoid paying out compensation for PPI Claims. The Financial Ombudsman has suggested that in 25% of cases where a creditor informs their customer that PPI is not on the account, it later transpires that PPI was charged. Furthermore, creditors are rejecting the majority of claims brought directly by their customers. JPS Financial can do all of the work for you, we will make sure we get the correct information from the creditors and also that any offer they make is correct, using our years of industry experience and legal expertise. Contact us and start your claim.

What is PPI??

Payment Protection Insurance, often abbreviated to PPI, is a product supposedly designed to protect consumers in the event that they are unable to maintain credit repayments, in certain specified circumstances. Generally, the PPI would be relied upon should you lose your job, or have time off work due to injury, or ill health. In a large number of cases we have seen that brokers, and sales advisors at the banks, have given you incorrect advice so that you would take out PPI. They often did this, and mis-sold PPI to you, because they made money from you in the form of commission, not because it was suitable for you. We can help determine whether or not your PPI policy has been mis-sold, which is the key to obtaining a refund from your creditors. Get in touch – you could be owed £thousands!

About JPS Financial Ltd

Here at JPS Financial Ltd we pride ourselves in providing a professional, knowledgeable and dependable service, delivering the best results possible for our clients. We specialise in financial claims relating to the mis-selling of Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) and the application of potentially unfair credit card charges, of which many of our clients have been the victim. Unlike many other claims management company out there all our staff are legally qualified. We think this contributes to our excellent 95% success rate of obtaining refunds for our clients. Our Service works on a No Win No Fee Basis and there are No Upfront Fee’s either. This means we will always try our best to obtain a refund for you, and provide the excellent service you expect.

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Fab company worked for me, no hassle, excellent service**

Mrs Parkinson from Manchester claimed back over £24,000.00 from Lloyds TSB
I had no idea where to start, I didn't have much information, but the claims process was really simple and I’m very pleased with my refund.**

Mr Morris, from London received £10,890.20